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Clan leaders of Tarkir

The five clans of Tarkir each have their own charismatic leader who embodies the ideals and ethos of that clan. Each is represented by a card in the game to further show their strengths.

Anafenza of the Abzan, art by James Ryman


Anafenza rides into battle on a chariot, and believes in grinding her enemies into dust. Literally. Also, I’m not the only one who sees a resemblance to Felicia Day.

Narset of the Jeskai, art by Magali Villeneuve


The Jeskai are the martial arts specialists of Tarkir, and their leader is no exception to this.

Zurgo of the Mardu, art by Aleksi Briclot


The Mardu clan are raiders who specialise in swift, sudden attacks. Their leader is a giant orc called Zurgo, also known as ‘Helmsmasher’ though he smashes plenty of other things as well!

Sidisi of the Sultai, art by Karl Kopinski


Regal and cruel, Sidisi the naga rules her clan in its jungle holds. The Sultai are a clan of rogues and necromancers who make pacts with demons to further their power.

Surrak of the Temur, art by Jaime Jones


Known as the ‘dragonclaw’ Surrak rules the Temur clan by strength. The Temur inhabit the snowy northern lands. Surrak once killed a bear by punching it really, really hard. That bear now forms part of his clothing.

Which is your favourite?

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