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Clan lands in Khans of Tarkir

Basic lands in Magic have a special place for me, and I’ve written about this before. In Khans of Tarkir, the basic lands work directly with the world building to show you the kinds of lands each clan inhabits.

As a quick reminder, each clan is a three-colour clan, meaning each will use three types of basic lands. In addition each clan is centred in one colour. So Abzan are centred in white, Jeskai in blue, Sultai in black, Mardu in red, and Temur in green.

Like other large sets, Khans of Tarkir has 20 basic lands, or four of each type. Given the colour distrubtion between the five clans each basic land type is used by three clans, and one of those clans in centred in that colour.

The angle Wizards of the Coast have taken here is that of each four basic lands, two will be for the clan centred in that colour, with one for each of the other two clans. All of a particular clans lands are drawn by the same artist.


Here we see the two Jeskai Islands, illustrated by Florian de Gesincourt. He also illustrated one Plains and one Mountain as the other lands of that clan.

clanlandmountain clanlandplains

Beautiful. But there’s more! Each clan also has an uncommon ‘tri land’ that can produce any of that clan’s colours. The same artist again has illustrated that piece. Here is the Jeskai tri-land.


Each clan has its own artist, who has illustarted that clan’s share of the basic lands and the tri-land too. Adam Paquette was the Sultai artist, and here are his two Swamps:


…and the Sultai tri-land


If you explore the card image gallery for Khans of Tarkir, you’ll see the other artists and the results of their work.


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