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The metal option: Dragon Scales dice by Ulfsark Games

The dice from the crowdfunding project I backed in April have turned up, and they are looking nice.

I previously mentioned the Dragon Scales dice from Ulfsark Games when the crowdfunding project was running on Kickstarter. The project did rather well, clearly tapping in to some latent demand for metal dice. When I backed the project, it was a little under 400 pounds, and I was wondering if it would reach 500 before closing.

It ended up at over 12,000 pounds, so I need not have worried. Along the way some more metals were added to the aluminium option and the product name was changed to Dragon Scales from Dragon Bones due to trademark issues.

Things took a little longer than expected, as they often do with crowdfunding projects that far exceed their creators’ expectations. But the dice have arrived and they are looking rather nice.


I went for five blue (they look turquoise to me) and one silver dice, in the Roman numeral design. As you can see, the silver is difficult to read compared with the blue, and I may give that dice a wash of ink to bring out the design.

The dice are heavier than I expected, given aluminium (or aluminum, if you prefer) is a light metal. The roll very dicely and are a good size for my dainty little gamer hands.

To give you an idea of their size I took an additional pic with a couple of miniatures next to them:


They are 15 or 16mm per face, if that helps.

I may come back and review these in another six months or so, in terms of their durability. Given they are metal you might wonder, but it’s not the dice so much as the colour and the design. If you look at either image above, there are a couple of scratches here and there, the result of me clinking the dice together in my hand, just because.

Will the colour scratch off after a few months of use? I don’t know. It may or may not be an issue.

Overall I’m happy with my purchase. I’ve received some different dice in a nice shade of turquoise (not blue!) and I’ll be using them on the table when the opportunity presents itself.

If you missed out and are interested, then check out the webstore that Ulfsark Games have opened. I’m looking at the black and the green dice and thinking about a follow-up purchase.

May 2021 update: Ulfsark Games aren’t currently operating, but check out their Facebook group to see if the situation changes.

2 comments on “The metal option: Dragon Scales dice by Ulfsark Games

  1. Tarmor
    July 19, 2015

    10 months down the track… how have the dice held up? Are they scratched or worn? Have any become dented? They do look really nice (I particularly like the black Dwarven set) and I’d love some, but not so sure of the cost.


    • davekay
      July 19, 2015

      They still look okay, but they have had very light use… I simply haven’t played that many wargames over the past year.


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