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Imperial Knight complete

The Imperial Knight is now finished! Painted, based, and with some nice shoulder, shield, and banner decorations. The water slide transfers didn’t do it for me as the main decorations for this model, so instead I went for a product that has impressed me in the past – shield designs by Little Big Men Studios.

I may add some water slide transfers in the future to fill some of the gaps, but by “the future” I mean “when I remember where I put the sheet.” So we’ll see. 



I focused the shield designed on the largest spaces on the knight – the shoulder guards, shield, and banner. The lower legs looked promising, but without cutting up the designs I could not make them fit. The have been left alone.



There was a degree of method to my design choices. Those designs with a grail image were top of the list to be used. The key design, representing knowledge, also got a look in. The castle wall and ship suggest travel and defence respectively.

This knight is an ancient guardian of secrets and knowledge. The grail suggests a link all the way back to the time of The Emperor. The simpler shield design on the banner represents defence. This knight guards, preserves, and protects knowledge. 



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