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Star Wars Imperial Assault announced


Hot on the heels of the Star Wars Armada announcement, comes this latest Star Wars game from Fantasy Flight – Imperial Assault. 

The boxed will be priced the same as Star Wars Armada (i.e. $99.95USD), and is stuffed with goodies.

Fans of pre-painted models of Star Wars X-Wing and Armada will be disappointed, as these miniatures are supplied unpainted. I guess there are still limitations to what can be produced as a pre-painted miniature.


However as someone who is known to paint a model or two, I am looking forward to this and will prefer it over Armada. The detail on these models is superb, and I find myself looking forward to painting the AT-ST and Emperor’s Guard already!

The game itself will be mission-based with scenarios taking place over a number of locations, represented on printed boards:


This one looks like a keeper. I can only hope that Fantasy Flight have expanded their production capacity. Keeping all three games in stock will not be easy, and their record in keeping X-Wing stocks flowing to retailers is spotty at best.


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