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Star Wars Armada announced

Fantasy Flight Games will be releasing a companion game it its popular X-Wing Miniatures games. Called Star Wars Armada this game will focus on larger battles with bigger ships.



The box comes with a number of ships. That small one on the cover is the Tantine IV, currently the largest ship available in X-Wing! Armada will be at a smaller scale to allow for larger (and more) ships from the Star Wars universe to be represented.

star warsArmadaGamePlayLayout


The release page at the Fantasy Flight website details how the games rules will work, and looks at some of the key differences between Armada and X-Wing. With Armada set to release in 2015, there’s plenty of time to get to know the rules ahead of time.

Star Wars X-Wing has been a terrific seller, knocking all miniatures games bar Warhammer 40,000 down a peg as it muscles into the top sellers. Will Armada replace sales of X-Wing or will it add yet another popular pre-painted miniatures game to the mix? We shall see.




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