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Tabletop sales update August 2014

ICv2 have published their latest details on top sellers across different tabletop games categories. Some areas show little change from the previous update, others are very interesting.

Board Games

Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan are the two top selling board games, as they were last time. Zombicide makes a successful jump from crowdfunding to hobby stores, also appearing in the Top 10. Caverna: the Cave Farmers, the new game from Agricola creator Uwe Rosenburg, makes its first appearance on the top 10.


Warhammer 40,000 hangs on to its dominance, but it’s clear this area is being shaken up by pre-painted games. With Star Wars X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing taking up the second and third spots, War Machine and Hordes are pushed out to fourth and fifth. The market has shown it is willing to respond to quality games with pre-painted models, as long as the quality of ruleset, setting, and models is there.


Pathfinder stays top (notice the top sellers have all remained on top?). With its 5th edition on the horizon, Dungeons & Dragons falls out of the top 5 for the first time in ICv2’s listings, which have been going for twelve years now.

Dice/Card Games

This area had the largest change, with only five of the top ten games from last time still on the list. Also the top two swapped placed, with Android: Netrunner outselling Pathfinder Adventures.


The total hobby games industry size has been pegged at $700 million (in terms of retail sales) by ICv2, this size relates to US and Canada only.

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