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The Garruk challenge card

At the Magic 2015 pre-release, all players got to take away a Garruk challenge card. It’s similar to the Theros block challenge decks, but as you might have guessed, this time the challenge is wrapped up into a single oversized card. Here’s the card:


This is Garruk, hunting you. His loyalty is like his life, and as with any other player he starts with 20. He’s going to start putting wolves down early, since having wolves in play is the key to using his +4 ability. That ability keeps his loyalty up, ready for some direct or mass killing of your creatures.

Garruk is good in a fight but vulnerable to non-creature damage. He can’t deal with artifacts or enchantments, while opposing planeswalkers that can deal with Garruk’s wolves are also quite safe.

As a new challenge I like this one. My only real issue is I need one of those oversized card sleeve pages to make the card portable. Along with the card you also receive a pair of 2/2 wolf tokens. As you see from this image, one corner has already been bent from being stored in the pre-release box he came in. The Theros challenge decks look after themselves in this regard.


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