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MtG Artists: Adam Paquette

I highlighted some of Adam Paquette’s art in the my recent conspiracy art review. Of all the artist who worked on that set, it was Paquette’s contributions that really brought to setting to life for me. I have deliberately left Conspiracy cards out of this article, since I have already talked about them. New land art from Adam Paquette is always a source of joy for me.


1. Colossal Whale


I think this is a rare example of art that looks better on the card than in a larger format. On the card, your eye is draw first to the ship in the foreground, then to the second ship further away, and finally to the truly colossal whale behind them. Looking at the larger version I found the whale’s eye drew mine straight away, providing a different viewing experience where I see the whale first and then the ships give me an idea of the whale’s size.


2. Trading Post



Believe it or not the herd of goats is actually relevant to the function of this card! Another great land piece from Adam Paquette. It is cards like this that I acquire simply to have the art.


3.  Call of the Nightwing



This card from Gatecrash is on a card that gives you a never ending stream of flying horrors to swipe your opponent with. When they look like this, you know the game will be over soon.

4& 5. Plains (dark) and Plains (light)

The last two cards are from Innistrad and Avacyn Restored, respectively. In these two connected set, the game world starts off in a dark place, with humanity beset on all sides by monsters after the disappearance of their angelic protector.

In Innistrad even the plains are moody, oppressive  places.



In one of the magic art director’s inspired moves (there have been many over recent years) the same artists then illustrated the same lands in the Avacyn Restored set. With the return of the angel Avacyn, the land is bright once more:





See all magic card arts by Adam Paquette here.

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