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MtG artists: Cynthia Sheppard

Cynthia Sheppard is a relatively new addition to the game. She’s produced a little over two dozen card arts so far, a change from the artists usually featured here, who have often produced well over 100. However each of Cynthia’s pieces is arresting in its own way. Choosing five was still difficult. Cynthia’s name is one I look for whenever the card gallery for a new set is complete.

Cynthia also talks about her art and the process of creation on her blog, which is a fascinating and informative read.

Wind Dancer


I already mentioned this card in my recent Conspiracy art review. What can I say – it is so good it’s worth mentioning twice.


Shadow Alley Denizen


What might have been a forgettable filler card in any other set became instantly recognisable due to the artist’s excellent illustration. From the reflections of the lamps in the filtyh water, to the feather falling off the bird in flight, to the vampire, this art just keeps on giving.


Wake the Reflections


This art shows a Selesnya guild druid in the act of creating a creature token. The mood of this piece is sombre in contrast to the battleground images often used in creature summoning art. It makes you stop and think why this act of creation is taking place – in general it’s because they are under threat, so the mood here is more sorrowful than joyful.


Young Pyromancer


I’ll be honest: until I read the artist’s commentary I did not notice she has drawn for us a Chandra Nalaar fanboy. He has the goggles, he has her image on his pendant. His clothes are a homemade copy of Chandra’s gear. Wonderful.


Rubinia Soulsinger


There’s an interesting story behind this card. Originally the card was meant to be called Rubinia Soulsigner but a typo gave us the character we have today. Whether knowingly or not the artist here has called back to the intended name of this character, with the prominent quill and scroll. In the game Rubinia takes control of other creatures for a time, putting them ‘under contract’ so the imagery is apt.


You can see all Magic cards illustrated by Cynthia Sheppard here. Also, check out the art prints store, where I got most of the images above.


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  1. neuroticocomic
    July 13, 2014

    She makes my art look like crap!


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