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Perrys leave GW

It’s official; Alan and Michael Perry have left Games Workshop after sculpting miniatures there for 36 years.

Like most gamers, my reaction has been entirely positive here. The thought of the brothers devoting more time to Perry Miniatures and the plastic sets that might flow forth has me almost salivating. But that’s for the future. Now is a good time to look at the past.

The Perrys have produced a massive amount of miniatures for Games Workshop. If you have any of that company’s miniatures in your collection, chances are there will be some Perry models among them. For me the Perry high point came during Warhammer’s 5th edition. The Bretonnians and the Dogs of War. So many models produced. Braganza’s Besiegers, The Alcatani Pikemen, Leopold’s Leopards. Voland’s Venators. The Green Knight.

perry leopardperry green knight

In more recent years the Perrys have worked almost exclusively on GWs Lord of the Rings range. They have produced many models in both metal and plastic. The first models reproduced the look of the Peter Jackson films perfectly. The next phase of released saw the Perrys (and others, to be fair) expand that range beyond the films while still keeping a game with a consistent look and feel. A fantastic achievement.

I have been painting models since the early 1990s. I don’t think I have been more than an arm’s rech away from a Perry miniature in the past 20 years. Stretching out from my desk where I’m typing this, I gathered a few models painted  (or not) in the past for a quick snap:

perry random


Some Rohan plastics. A Rohan Royal Guard figure. Then a couple of older models. A lost dwarf from the 80s, and Aekold Helbrass, still my favourite chaos champion of the many released over the years by Games Workshop.

The Perrys have left Games Workshop. The future looks bright for gamers, but it’s a good time to look back at what the brothers achieved over the years.



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