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Magic 2015 art review

Core Sets contain a high number of reprints compared to other set releases. Between the new cards, and reprints with new art, there is plenty of new work to appreciate.  The card frame has also changed a little with this release. Not as radical a change as we saw with 8th edition, but a change all the same. From an art perspective, it makes little to know difference, as the top part of cards is the same. Token frames have been redesigned too, I think in a positive way.

Garruk, Apex Predator by Tyler Jacobson

m15 a garruk

Garruk is the ‘face’ of M15, with his curse leading him to hunt down other planeswalkers. He has been given a suitably powerful card, with this incredible art by Tyler Jacobson. Sadly the card itself hides the art, as this Garruk is a four ability planeswalker. This reduces the card space available for art, so I’m just showing that here.


Beast token by Dave Kendall

m15 beast token

Here is the new token frame. Dave Kendall’s beast is a polluted inversion of the 3/3 beast token that the old Garruk produced, and that is brought through in the art. This is what Garruk calls to his side now that he’s a darker character.


Ajani Steadfast by Chris Rahn

m15 ajani


This card, along with the new Garruk and Jace, do something I haven’t seen in a Core set before; they advance the storyline of planeswalkers. In this Chris Rahn art, we see Ajani post-Theros. Mourning for his friend Elspeth and wearing her cloak.


Altac Bloodseeker by Cynthia Sheppard

m15 bloodseeker

Red is a colour of savagery but rarely do we see that so starkly represented on a card. Cynthia Sheppard’s art shows us the savage face of red in a pleasant change from the usual goblins and fireballs.


Radiant Fountain by Adam Paquette

m15 fountain


Adam Paquette’s latest land art may well be his best.


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