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Design Time: don’t give up

Boing Boing posted a great article on why you shouldn’t give up during the game design process. Basically a couple of people came up with a game idea, and everyone who playtested it loved it. However everyone told them they would never get the game made for legal reasons. They abandoned the project.

Naturally a few months later, someone else independently had a very similar idea, didn’t give up (got good legal advice) and funded the game through Kickstarter.


Regardless of what game you are working on there will be people who tell you it can’t be done for whatever reason. In this case it was the legal uncertainties that caused the designers to give up. I think this underlines the importance of paying for key advice (like legal advice) when you need it, and only for a specific purpose.

Designing a game, like any act of creation, is hard. There will be obstacles. The important thing is how you react to the obstacles you encounter.



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