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MtG artists: Adam Rex

Adam Rex’s style is unlike any other Magic artist. You always know when you are looking at his work. With well over 100 cards illustrated over the years, there’s plenty to attract the eye.


Oona, Queen of the Fae



Love at first sight. This is one of those artworks that makes me hate the rest of the card for getting in the way. Leave the card frame and rules text somewhere else. Just give me this on a card!


Skyrider Trainee



This art depicts one of Ravnica’s future skyknights, who as yet is yet to log any actual flying time. An indifferent common card in the game nevertheless gets great art treatment at the hands of Adam Rex.


Horde of Notions


This elemental to rule elementals takes on the form of many animals and none. A whale’s head blending into a bear’s body? Okay then!


Graveborn Sovereign


I wanted this Odyssey card in my collection for only one reason: the art.


Cloudgoat Ranger


This card couldn’t look more different than Graveborn Sovereign. A peaceful sunlit scene, with a giant and his steed (the cloudgoat) being served by their kithkin attendants. I love the kithkin suspended in a hanging chair, brushing the cloudgoat. It is the vivid colours of the grass that draw my eye here.


There haven’t been any new Magic cards from Adam Rex for years now. The artist is very busy though, as you can see from a visit to his website. Otherwise, check out the other Magic cards illustrated by Adam Rex here.

One comment on “MtG artists: Adam Rex

  1. 172fixer
    July 5, 2014

    To be honest, I thought he just illustrated children’s books. Those cards are great!


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