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Designer cards in Magic 2015

Wizards of the Coast did something cool (again!), this time for their latest core set release. They approached a number of game designers and asked them to design a single card for the set. Those that agreed have a designer credit on the card.

Core sets are not the most exciting releases of the year. However starting with Magic 2010 the core sets have been revamped, and are a lot more interesting than they used to be. They contain a mix of new cards and reprints, where previously core sets were all reprints. This change alone has increased the interest around core sets. It has also increased the representation of core set cards in standard and given them some interesting design tools.

Core sets can often act as a precursor to the block to follow them, and players can divine what cards might lie ahead by looking at new and reprinted cards in the core set. For example before the Return to Ravnica block the core set land searching cards were replaced with other reprint that looked for specific basic land types rather than just basic land. So for example a card hat searches for a forest, mountain, or swamp, rather than a card that gets you a basic land. This raised in many players minds the return of shock lands (rare lands that have a two basic land types) and so it was.

Back to the designer cards. This has been an interesting experiment. I’m including my favourite three cards here, by favourites I mean the cards by my favourite designers, who’s names jumped at me from the cards.


This card is from Markus Persson aka Notch, the creator of Minecraft. Once you know that, the blocky art from Franz Vohwinkel makes perfect sense.



This was is from Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade. This one represents a running gag in the Penny Arcade strips – the wristwatch. This item goes from character to character, usually under violent circumstances. While the wristwatch has been re-concepted as an amulet, the card fits perfectly.



This card comes from Brian Fargo creator of the old Bard’s Tale series of 8-bit dungeon crawlers. I played them and loved them. This card is representative of a bard rather than of anything specific from his Bard’s Tale games. The ability is a nice interpretation of a bard summoning monsters through music. Verse counters. Right you are.


You can see all the Magic 2015 cards by looking at the gallery page (scroll down).


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