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Past Projects 2

mountaingiantThis model was something I fell in love with when I saw it, and I can’t remember when I saw it. This is a mountain giant figure from Majestic Bear. If you aren’t familiar with their range you should definitely check out their website. You won’t be sorry you did!

This model is well designed, sculpted and through through. Most of the individual parts with have pins built in or else fit together very well with a bit of glue. No assembly issues. The details are crisp, making painting a real pleasure. There’s detail here that you want to bring out. The base is also extremely impressive, with all the rocks and so on part of the base. The only thin I added was paint, and the tufts.

This model has some options on head the hands which you can select when you order. Between this and the Bones giants I now have three giants in my collection. This model was painted sometime around 2010. At the time it was painted for War of the Ring, but with the demise of my involvement with GW, it remains on hold, waiting for my own skirmish game ruleset to get to the playtest stage. Patience, strong one…


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