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Past projects 1

The projects page gathers all my current miniatures projects into one place. This only includes projects I’ve completed after Scent of a Gamer was started in January 2013. What of my other projects? I am quite unsentimental with miniatures I am no longer using; I often sell them at the first opportunity.

photo 4


This is a unit I made back in 2009 when I was still playing Games Workshop’s games. It’s a unit representing the Wardens of the Carrock for the War of the Ring game. While this game is in my opinion GWs best fantasy mass battles rule set, the game was woefully under supported by the company.

In War of the Ring you had to buy movement trays for your troops. Each tray has space for eight infantry. You don’t need all those slots to be filled by individuals though. I realised with this unit I only needed one tray of removable men, plus half the command tray; the rest could be fixed in place. This made for some interesting modelling opportunities.

The models I used are plastic Celts from Warlord Games. They have th wild look I wanted. The leader is a wildling from Dark Sword miniatures’ Ice and Fire range.

photo 2

The look I was aiming for is a bunch of wild men emerging from overgrown ruins in a charging ambush. I like to think I succeeded. The building ruins come from Games Workshop’s Osgiliath Ruins set. With some careful positioning of hte ruins I was able to create something different and dynamic, while still keeping to their eight figures per tray stricture laid down by the game.

photo 3


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