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MtG artists: Aleksi Briclot

Magic: the Gathering was released in 1993. The game’s first planeswalker cards were released as a group of five in the 2007 set Lorwyn. Since then planeswalkers have become the face of the game and serve as marquee cards for each set released. The new card type has been incredibly popular.

A huge part of the credit for the Magic player community’s acceptance and embrace of planeswalkers must go to Aleksi Briclot. His art featured in the ‘Lorwyn five’ as the first planeswalkers became known. Aleksi has done many more cards before and since, including other planeswalker. None have had as galvanising effect on the game.


1. Liliana Vess


An anagram of ‘a villainess’ Liliana is a necromancer with debts to a trio of demons. Since her debut, she has dispatched two of those demons. Liliana has also cursed Garruk Wildspeaker, another of the Lorwyn five, causing his ferocity to overwhelm his other character traits.


2. Simic Guidmage



From the original Ravnica block, this heavily augmented elf represents the Simic guild’s blending of nature and machinery. The guild has changed with the return to Ravnica, with merfolk rather than elves running the show.


3. Garruk Wildspeaker


Garruk Wildspeaker in his original incarnation. It was strong characterisation through art of this quality that led to planewalkers’ acceptance into the game.


4. Vraska the Unseen


The Return to Ravnica set featured a planeswalker aligned to the Golgari guild. The original Ravnica block appeared years before the introduction of planeswalkers. The Gorgon planeswalker has proven to be a popular character. Again, Aleksi Briclot’s art has helped in this.


5. Skaarg Guildmage


This art is also from the Return to Ravnica block. The guildmages returned but in a different form. The Skaarg Guildmage is of the Gruul guild. Briclot’s art suitably depicts the wildness and anti-urban ferocity of this guild.



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