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Doomdark’s Revenge Tactics

Doomdark’s Revenge is a 30-year-old strategy game that has recently been re-released for iOS, Android, and PC. Doomdark’s Revenge, or DDR, provides for a decent strategy game experience, with a variance that gives you a different set of events to deal with from one game to the next.

Your mission photo 3

Your objective is simple; defeat Shareth the Heartstealer, evil ruler of the land, and return the kidnapped Morkin to his home. For this, you begin the game with three characters under your control. Luxor the Moonprince, Morkin’s father and commander of 1,000 troops. Rorthron the Wise, wizard and counsellor is with Luxor but can operate independently. These two start at the Gate of Varenorn. Should you be successful and free Morkin, it is here you must return. Lastly Tarithel the Fey, Morkin’s wife, who has entered the land by different means and sought her people. She starts in the elven forests.

The factions

There are five factions you must win over to your side to ensure victory in the field. The Barbarians who live in the south western quadrant of the map. The Fey who live in the south east. The dwarfs lie immediately north of the Fey, while Giants inhabit the lands north of the barbarians. Lastly are the Icelords, Shareth’s henchmen and the most numerous of the factions.

Recruit early, recruit often

photo 5With only 1,000 men under your control, you won’t win any battles with Luxor alone, you must find allies and quickly. There are 128 characters, and only one of these can never be recruited; Shareth. Everyone else is available, but easier said than done.

Lords all have a liege they will follow. Recruit a more senior lord, and others will fall into line far more easily. An approach to recruit a lord can never fail if the approach is by that lord’s liege. Each faction has one of more ‘senior lords’ you should try and recruit as quickly as possible to hep your cause.

Imorthorn the Fey can recruit any other fey lord. Tarithel can recruit him, and can reach his city on Day 2. You should always aim to recruit Imorthorn by Day 2.

Imgorad the Barbarian lives in a city in a forest north of Luxor and Rorthron’s starting point. He can bring the rest of the Barbarians to your side. Carormand the Barbarian is another important lord for that faction.

Glormane the Dwarf can be tricky to recruit, but worth the effort. Few Dwarfs will ignore him. Any that do can be recruited by Carorthay the Dwarf.

Carangrane the Giant is the key to his faction. In most games he will likely come to you, but once you have him on your side the Giants are as good as yours.

The Icelord faction is more difficult to approach. Zarashand, Lorelorn, and Firim are all important targets.

Group up

photo 1Forming groups out of your recruited lords is important militarily and logistically. Having multiple armies moving together gives you a powerful military presence. Having a dozen or so groups to move around is a lot easier  than trying to manage sixty or more individual lords.

When forming groups consider putting lords with similar qualities together. Some lords are noticeably slower to move around the map than others. Don’t put your slow lords with your fast ones in a group. Speed can often by the difference between victory and death.

There is not reason to keep lords of the same faction in a group; multicultural groups perform just as well as groups formed from the same faction.


Taking enemy cities and fortresses is not essential to victory, but it can be satisfying. The one strategic advantage you gain is that any friendly city or fortress automatically replenishes its garrison until it reaches the maximum of 1200. Battles will take their toll on your lords’ armies, and having the right friendly garrison nearby can enable them to replace their losses and return to the fray sooner. For example having your Fey lords conquer a city in Icelord territory saves them a long journey back to their forests to replace their battle losses.

Remember your mission

Morkin is tucked away in a hidden fortress far to the north. Keep pushing north and eventually you will find him. Sort of. Make sure you have Tarithel at hand to break Shareth’s spell and bring Morkin back to himself. Once you have Morkin, race back to the Gate of Varenorn to achieve victory! Shareth doesn’t have to be dead for you to win, but it’s better if she is!

Time Poor?

I have since added a speed play version for those who are more ‘goal-oriented’.


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  1. Simon Foston
    May 19, 2015

    The Ice Lords are very easy to recruit if you go about it the right way…


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