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Defeat a God review

Defeat a God is the third and final challenge deck for Magic: the Gathering’s Theros block. Challenge decks are a new and highly enjoyable addition to the game. As with the previous two, this deck is tied into the Theros storyline, and sees players attempt to overcome a common foe. In this deck it is the usurper god, Xenagos and his followers who must be defeated.

This deck gets straight to business, with Xenagos and two of his followers starting the game on the battlefield. That’s a combined eight power. Don’t despair though, as cards from Xenagos’ deck can only attack when another card instructs them to do so.  This is an interesting twist as with the right (or wrong, from your perspective!) card draw, the deck can still defeat you in three turns. With a limited number of attacks and a finite number of cards this deck can run out of steam before you are dead.dagcontents

Xenagos is defeated when there are no more reveller creatures left on the battlefield. If even one reveller remains in play, Xenagos cannot leave the battlefield. Destroy creature spells will not avail you.

As with Defeat the Hydra, this deck can accommodate multiple players attempting to defeat Xenagos. In this case, any attack is made against a player chosen at random. Beware, as some spells see Xenagos deal damage to each player, so everyone suffers equally.

Games against this deck can escalate quickly, and the deck can recover from setbacks, since Xenagos won’t leave the battlefield. As a result it provides a fun and entertaining challenge for any group wish to recreate the deeds of Elspeth, without the twist at the end!



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