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Conspiracy art review

Conspiracy is the latest release for Magic: the Gathering. I haven’t art reviewed a supplementary product before, and this is a good place to start. With Conspiracy we don’t get the full world-building that goes into a block, but there is still some creativity here. The principal setting here is the realm of Fiora, home to Paliano, the High City and a great many secret plans!

Of the 210 cards int he set, around 60 are genuinely new. The remainder are reprints, although many of these reprints have great new art. Some cards follow the main setting of Fiora, while others wander elsewhere. For example the art on the reprint of Rout depicts Elesh Norn meting out ‘justice’ on the world of New Phyrexia, while Nils Hamm’s new art for Howling Wolf is set in Innistrad.

My five picks here are all new art, some is on reprints and some is on new cards. First though, I have to feature something I haven’t done before in an art review.

1. The box art



Yes the Conspiracy box art is worthy of its own entry here. A great piece from Michael Komarck showing the principal characters of Paliano, each of whom have their own card in the set.


2. Paliano, the High City


This superb piece from Adam Paquette gives us our look at the city where the schemes of the game take place. It literally towers over the land, held along by a circle of pillars.


3. Wind Dancer by Cynthia Sheppard


A faerie gestured to the viewer against the wild sea. A guide, or a danger? This is another classic card from Cynthia Sheppard, and comes from a turbulent time for the artist, as she explains on her blog.


4. Exploration by Florian de Gesincourt


Exploration is another older card that was given new art treatment for this set. And what art! Newcomer Florian de Gesincourt will I hope be seen again in future sets.


5. Brago, King Eternal by Karla Ortiz


Brago is one of the protagonists of Conspiracy, a king who cheated death, but not in the way he expected.


View the Conspiracy card image gallery, or tell me in the comment what some of your favourite from this set were.


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