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MtG Artists: Howard Lyon

Howard Lyon is another accomplished artist turning out great card art for Magic: the Gathering. His art  shows no dynamic action, yet blends well with different Magic settings, while providing some truly memorable images. His art is ethereal, often with a sense of melancholy.

Angel of Flight Alabaster



This image comes from the Innistrad setting, where the realm’s guardian angel has vanished, leaving her lesser angels lost and bewildered. My comment above about melancholy and ethereal apply here, as you can see.

Seek the Horizon


In contrast this card comes from the sprawling city of Ravnica, where the buildings seldom give way to natural structures. This card is a reprint, and the original was depicted solely in the natural world, so this is a great reinterpretation of the card’s meaning. The elf in this picture is setting off on a journey to explore the far reaches of the city, rather than distant lands.

Goldenglow Moth


Magic is a game where the players summon creatures to attack their opponents, but not every creature is a fearsome dragon or goblin horde. This moth has an ephemeral presence of the battlefield, as its translucence implies. This remains one of my favourite Howard Lyon arts.

Make a Wish


With this card we return to the Innistrad setting. I love the perspective here; the coin just released from the girl’s hand falling into the well. We can see the cracked lining of the well, the look of concern on the girl’s face, and the bare trees behind her, reaching into a grey sky. And the teddy bear.

Taste of Blood


The two recent bite marks, her jewellery and the colour of the subjects dress all bathe this pieces in rich dark tones. Her hair also drives the red motif, with these colours contrasting with her pale skin. This piece also speaks to the sexuality of vampires without being overt. Just a taste.

See all magic card art by Howard Lyon here.


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