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SAGA Crescent and Cross factions

September 2014 update: Here’s my review of the three Christian factions

Thanks to The Tapestry there are some images available of the new SAGA factions that debuted at Salute 2014. The game was meant to be released then, but will be following in the next month or so. Still, there are some differences to what I was expecting, based on earlier rumours.


There are two new factions in Crescent and Cross; the Crusaders and the Saracens. Both boards have a slightly different layout than what we have been used to, with the five basic abilities along the top of the board rather than down the left side. Also, the Crusaders appear to have in-game upgrades, meaning that some abilities will only be available once Temperance, Justice, or Fortitude have been unlocked. How this happens we shall have to wait and see.

These are the only factions included in the new game, where I had expected to see up to six. Also, these factions are playable with all the factions so far released. This is another change to my expectations, as I’d heard this would effectively be a new game with its own factions. Congratulations on Gripping Beast and Tomahawk for keeping the game whole. I’m looking forward to this more than ever. I’m not even sure I’ll play either of the new factions, at least not right away. My Anglo-Danes are pining for another battle, while my Normans and Byzantines patiently away painting.

We should see the Crescent and Cross book in June or July 2014.



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