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A Conspiracy preview

A special preview video appeared on YouTube today. It shows eight players drafting the new Conspiracy set, and then playing out their games in two multiplayer groups of four players per group. The players are in interesting mix and the games make for compelling viewing. The video also reveals more about the mechanics of Conspiracy and the conspiracies themselves.

Some take-away points include:

Conspiracies: This new card type is black border but legal only in the Conspiracy draft format; enjoy these cards while you can as they are not legal in any constructed format.

Voting: There are several new cards that allow the players at the table to vote for one of two effects to happen. Choose your allies wisely, or else just get the card that makes your vote count double. Who needs friends?

Draft early, draft often: There’s an artifact card that, when you draft a card from a pack, you may draft a second card from that pack and return the artifact card to that pack.

Why only three packs?: One rare creature allows you to add another pack to the draft from outside the game! In the video the lucky player chooses a Future Sight pack. What would you choose?

Mythics?: Only one mythic rare was spotted in the drat, the already-revealed Planeswalker, Dack Fayden. Consensus seems to be that this is a card to watch for in constructed formats too.

Reprints!: Some of the set’s reprints were featured in the video, as you might expect. The one that brought a smile to my face was Squirrel Nest, with new art in the new card frame ad (finally) a modern squirrel token too!

Check out the video here:



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