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Loot Crate

lootcratelogoI was not aware of this site and its service until I saw it as a separate reward on the recent TableTop Season 3 page. Turns out, I am way behind and this is a popular service, with a subscriber base that increases every month. At its heart, Loot Crate is like Secret Santa for nerds. Except that it happens every month, rather than once per year. You subscribe to the service, and each month a themed box turns up at your door filled with items of nerdery.

It sounds… actually I’m not sure what it really sounds like. The items pictured on the site aren’t in general the kind of items I would go out and spend money on. Except. There’s something incredibly nice about receiving a surprise package every month. Right on cue, ICv2 reported that Loot Crate has hit 100,000 subscribers and is growing at 20% per month. This seems like one of those virtuous circles to me, where the increasing number of subscribers increases Loot Crate’s purchasing power, leading to more and better items in each create. That’s the kind of circle I could get into.

In a change from normal, I can! Loot Crate is currently available to subscribers in Britain the US, Canada, and Australia. As an Australia, you’ll see a screen like this with your options:



I’m not speaking just for myself here when I say Australian gamers aren’t used to having an option at all, or at least not without ludicrous postage tacked on. This is one of those things I am inclined to support simply because it is offered. Gamers in Australia often get a raw deal (yes I know this is not unique to us) and so when a service makes the effort the be offered here at a reasonable price, I tend to make the effort to support them.



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