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MtG Artists: Daren Bader

Daren Bader has produced over 150 cards for Magic: the Gathering over the years, and reducing thta to five examples was never going to be easy. We last saw new art from Daren Bader in the Zendikar block of several years ago. His art is frequently reprinted, a good sign that it stands the test of time.


Major Teroh


This legendary creature from Odyssey was one of the first cards from an artist unfamiliar to me that made me stop and look, and look again. Odyssey was my first Magic set, and I was drawn in mainly by the work of artists I was already familiar with, such a Kev Walker, Carl Critchlow, and Wayne England. This card was one of those that signalled to me there was more to discover in this game.


Rootwater Matriarch


This card comes from one of the annual core sets, and this set had a minor merfolk theme. Great art, love the murky, muddy water that this merfolk calls home.


Oros, the Avenger


The Planar Chaos set came with five legendary dragons, and Oros was one of those. On the card, the base of this art is cut off, as the dimensions are not consistent with the art window provided on a magic card. Our loss.


Riddle of Lightning


This card is a rarity in that it is a card by Daren Bader that was recently reprinted (in Journey Into Nyx) with art by someone else. What I like about Daren’s version is the way the art reflects the function of the card without being pedantic. Riddle of Lightning is a card that lets you play with the top three cards of your deck, after that you deal damage equal to the coast of the top card of your deck.


Allosaurus Rider


An elf riding a dinosaur? Sure, an elf riding a dinosaur – in the snow.


See all Magic: the Gathering cards illustrated by Daren Bader here.


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