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Creature Caster Kickstarter

The sculptor behind Ultraforge Miniatures, Jeremy Glen, is back and he is running a new Kickstarter. This one is for large tabletop models of the demon and dragon variety. These large models have been designed to be painted by gamers and professional painters alike, with plenty to detail to bring out with washes or pick out with a fine brush. The models all come in multi-part, resin cast form.

The moulds themselves have been made with a 3D printer, but the models you receive are normal resin casts. The advantage of the 3D printed mould is that this technique allows the sculptor to design on computer and then have that design translated perfectly to the mould through 3D printing. This is dental-level quality 3D printing, not the novelty item level of quality you may be used to from home models.

There are a few different models available, the mountain dragon is my favourite so I’ll share that one here:



Check out everything else at their Kickstarter page.


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