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MtG Artists: Greg Staples

Greg Staples looks like the go-to artist for angels in Magic. He’s done many, and they have always managed to be iconic artworks. His best known is undoubtedly the artwork for Serra Angel, itself an iconic card in the game. Greg’s version does great service to the card. Don’t think of Greg Staples as a monothematic artist though, as his art covers more than just angel art, as we shall see.

1. Serra Angel


There’s no better card to start with than this one. Greg’s art shows the angel aloft, sword held high. Against a cloudy sky the blade catches the light. The angel’s eyes are closed.

2. Magus of the Scroll


Using warm colours to create a moody piece is harder than you might think (try it!). I like the imps playing with the magus’s robes in the background.

3. Hypnotic Specter


This was another well-known card given the Staples treatment. In my opinion this was outweighs the original as is the case with Serra Angel. Nostalgia is a thing I know, but so is new and better.

4. Steward of Valeron


The knights of Alara’s Bant shard wore some fancy armour. Here’s one illustrated by Greg. Imposing.

5. Empyrial Archangel


The archangel and the Steward are from the same place, but you can see who stands higher in the hierarchy. Another great angel piece, with a different pose to Serra Angel. The side-on angel view is something most artists avoid, since wings do not fit naturally onto the human form.


See all cards illustrated by Greg Staples here.

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