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War Machine: Vengeance Review

wmvengenaceVengeance is the latest expansion book for War Machine. To Privateer Press, the publisher, it is more than that. The book begins with a call to arms from the company itself, a warning shot to anyone else making miniatures games.

“…here we are with what think is the best miniatures game on the planet supported by the best community … we have no intention of slowing down. Vengeance isn’t just the name of this book. It’s a state of mind. We’re charging into the next decade of WARMACHINE with a vengeance.”

Clearly, Privateer Press want to move on from the first decade of their signature game into a second decade of growth. Their War Machine and Hordes games are currently the second and fifth best-selling non-collectible miniatures games. I expect the company has its sights on first and second.

The book Vengeance lays the foundations for the growth of the game, and the game’s setting. War Machine has always been a story-driven game. It’s main characters, the Warcasters, have Prime and Epic versions of themselves. This has never been about making a more powerful version of the same character, but rather recording changes to those characters as the story has progressed. A few new Epic character appear in this book, which covers the six factions of the game. The so-called seventh faction, Convergence of Cyriss, is not covered here.

A well as the new Epic characters, each faction receives a brand new character; a journeyman Warcaster. These are characters who can control the game’s Warjacks, but have not yet risen to a command level. Each comes with his or her own backstory, featuring their ambitions and motivations. We are almost assured to see full Warcaster versions of the characters in years to come. Assuming they survive.

Speaking of survival, the current story arc for War Machine appears to be heading for some kind of conclusion, with Vengeance forming the penultimate episode. The next release for the game is yet to be confirmed, but expect fireworks and you will not be disappointed.

In addition to characters, there are new units for every faction, including a Rhulic Colossal. The nature of War Machine releases means we see some models and units in the lead up to a book’s release, and the rest in the months following. Since every model or unit is sold with the full rules needed to use it in the game, there is no need to wait for a book in order to use your favourite models. Once the card is available, you are good to go. Vengeance gives us an idea of what to expect in terms of model releases over the coming months, but releases won’t stop there.

All in all, this is a high quality release, filled with great story and artwork, that adds some unique and interesting characters and units into the game. Clearly, Privateer Press sees Vengeance as the first release in a new 10-year cycle.


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