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MtG Artists: Rebecca Guay

Although she doesn’t get commissioned these days, Rebecca Guay’s popularity as an artist of Magic cards endures. Her Kickstarter project raised over $120,000, much of that from Magic fans. When Rebecca announced that she would not longer be illustrating magic cards (through Wizards’ decision rather than her own) the Magic fan’s equivalent of pitchforks and torches were soon deployed. Regardless, the frequency of new card art from Rebecca dropped off and finally ended.

Rebecca’s style is instantly noticeable and fits well with the overall ‘look and feel’ of a game like Magic: the Gathering. Her art tends to depict scenes more passive than active, which is no doubt why her work fell out of favour with the idea of a game for males aged 13 and over. There is room for many different styles in a game like Magic though, and in my opinion the game is poorer for her absence.

1. Channel

This is Rebecca’s most recent work for the game, appearing in a special ‘From the Vault’ set.




2. Elvish Piper

The piper is an elf who can call other creatures directly onto the battlefield. This is most often used by players to ‘cheat’ large creatures into play rather than to attract small birds as shown in the art.


3. Hana Kami

The Kami of the Japanses myth-inspired world of Kamigawa had an outlandish appearance. Few more so than Hana Kami, which represents a very different style from Rebecca. A card art that remains as striking today as when it first appeared more than a decade ago.



4. Norwood Warrior

This is an earlier piece from Rebecca that shows a strong warrior woman, such as I would encounter on my favourite tumblr.



5. Spellstutter Sprite

The faeries of Lorwyn were a great showcase for artists with a similar style to Rebecca Guay. Spellstutter Sprite is one that can be cast at any time to counter an opponent’s spell.





In addition to the five cards shown above, Rebecca Guay has illustrated over 100 Magic cards. See them all here.




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