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Imbrian Orcs & Goblins Complete

After adding several new projects recently it’s nice to actually finish one! These ten highly detailed models from Imbrian Arts were purchased almost four years ago. They proved themselves quite tricky to paint, as they contain a level of detail that I simple am not used to. Overall I’m happy with how they appear at the end. Here’s two images of the group, one taken with camera flash, the other without.

imbrian group noflash imbrian group flash

Using the flash makes some models look gaudy due to the reflected light, but it also helps pick out a few details that don’t emerge in the original shot. Looking back I wish I had done the goblins in lighter tones of the colour I used for the troll, but then I hadn’t used that mix before last year. It’s a nice set of models, and I’m happy I own them.

3 comments on “Imbrian Orcs & Goblins Complete

  1. Azazel
    November 7, 2014

    They look great. I’d even go so far as to request some more photos when you have time and the opportunity so we can see them a bit better.

    Shame about Imbrian as a company/Jody as a douchebag, but while I wouldn’t buy direct, I’d be willing to pick up some of these secondhand from another gamer, in the same way that I’ve ended up with a few Mierce Miniatures after the Maelstromening.


    • davekay
      November 7, 2014

      Thanks! I will take some photos this week-end if I get the chance, next week-end if I don’t.

      Secondary market would be best, I’d never use the Imbrian website to order, and he’s clearly not capable of supplying a retailer or distributor.


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