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New Version of SAGA


After much speculation, the new version of SAGA has been announced; SAGA: Crescent and Cross. As the name would suggest this version of SAGA will cover the various armies of the Crusades. While this is a new version of SAGA, this is not a replacement for the books currently available. Rather Crescent and Cross provides a new historical setting and new forces to play your games of SAGA with. I haven’t heard anything directly, but I would expect we shall also see some new sets of SAGA dice coming out too.

One release that has been confirmed is a new plastic box of Arab/ Moorish spearmen and archers. This box will contain 40 figures, with a maximum of 32 spearmen, 16 archers, and 16 javelins available from the box.

Those familiar with Fireforge Games‘ line of miniatures will no doubt also be interested in this release. The number and type of factions in Crescent and Cross is yet to be confirmed. With a release date of sometime in 2014 though we shall find out soon enough.

As far as I know this new version of SAGA is intended to be a stand alone game, and so factions from Crescent and Cross should not be mixed with factions from the current SAGA books available. Crescent and Cross is also said to be larger than existing SAGA books, and this may be an indicated of tweaked rules, and the greater number of factions present in the book.

Crescent and Cross looks to provide both a jumping in point for new players, and an interesting new setting for experienced SAGA players to explore.



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