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The Price is Knight

Something happened last week that has not happened in a terrible long count of years; I bought a copy of White Dwarf. I’ve been partial to the new version of White Dwarf, and while I won’t get into the long version (Jake Thornton has already done a better job of this at Quirkworthy) I will say a couple of things:

There are several version of this saying, but it’s better to do a few things well than to do many things poorly. This aphorism has been taken to heart by the White Dwarf team. Each issue of the new weekly focuses only on what is up front and centre that week. No distractions, no attempt to appease every gamer in every each. The price is also in pocket money range; the Australian edition is $6, which is in line with the UK price and half the price of the old White Dwarf. It is also the cheapest GW product other than a pot of paint that we’ve seen in over a decade. Probably two.

This means that it’s easy to pick and choose among issues. If there’s nothing this week to interest you; no bother, there will be another issue along in a week. I hadn’t bought any up until now, as I have no interest in Warhammer Dwarfs. Imperial Knights on the other hand…


The knights are something of a retro trip for me. As someone who played the old Epic Titan Legions game back in the day, I haven’t forgotten the little guys who would get stuck under the legs of my Imperator. This new version is like the old plastics writ large and with added detail. Colour me interested in a GW product for the first time since 2009’s War of the Ring game.

As an Australia gamer I am used to getting the price shaft from GW; for whatever reason, the company often decides to charge us as mark-up of 50%-100% of the UK street price. Never mind that UK retailers can mail us individual items to our door for the UK price. At least they could until GW changed their terms of trade and stopped them. This action is known here as the GW embargo. Ever since, GW’s Australian arm has gone from steady growth to steep decline, and it’s no coincidence. But that’s another article. What makes the Imperial Knight different is that the UK and Australia prices are more of less even. An interesting development.

Am I going to get one? You’ll be the first to hear if I do!

One comment on “The Price is Knight

  1. daggerandbrush
    March 2, 2014

    A nice model, but unfortunately way too expensive. I sometimes consider getting the odd GW model but soon realise they value is not there for me. I hope they find a way to make their stuff more available, so that more people can appreciate their stuff.

    I see other companies hitting the spot. I am biased towards the Reaper Bomes stuff. No comparison to the GW plastic cast’s details and crispness, but for 2.50$ one cannot lose and they paint up decently.

    With such alternatives cannot support GW at the moment, but would wish the address the issues and bring back the feeling I had towards them back in the 90s.

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