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On the Tray 7

I thought it was a couple of months since I did an On the Tray; turn out it was October 2013. So, a while then.

This month you can see the current Bones models, plus the last model in the Imbrian Orcs & Goblins collection, which is actually a troll shaman. It’s a big, impressive model and I am enjoying the painting so far.



As you can see from the bits that aren’t yet painted, I am painting over a white undercoat. Some people prefer black. I use both depending on the models. I look at it as being like wearing clothes: a white undercoat is like being naked; nothing is hidden. A black undercoat is like wearing clothes; you can hide things.

I go for black undercoats if I am in a hurry (which rarely happens these days) or if I think the model suits it. The Anglo-Dane models for SAGA were mostly painted over black. White is also useful when I want to force myself to actually paint the detail on models and not just hint at it. These bones models are very well-detailed and I have used white every time so far.

One comment on “On the Tray 7

  1. daggerandbrush
    March 2, 2014

    The basic coloir schemes look good so far. Lookimg forward to see the finished pieces. I especially like the wizard miniature and might give him a go myself in the near future.


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