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MtG Artists: Kev Walker

Kev Walker is another Magic card artist whose work I encountered years before Magic itself. In the case of Kev Walker it was his work on weekly comic 2000AD that caught my teenage attention. If you ever get the chance to hcekc out his work on the ABC Warriors my advice is take it; you won’t be disappointed.

Since those days many a Magic player has had the opportunity to be impressed with Kev’s work. He is also the most prolific Magic artist, having illustrated more individual cards than anyone else, including many considered iconic images of the game. You can see the full collection of over 350 here.

Kev Walker: 5 notable cards.

1. Damnation



Damnation is a highly sought-after card, as it mimics the iconic Wrath of God card (which Kev Walker has also illusatred) but puts the effect into black rather than white. The art here evokes both the destruction and the menace of this card.

2. Silver Myr



The myr of Mirrodin are small and numerous and spend their time cataloguing the world and its various goings-on. In the original Mirrodin set, Kev Walker produced a series of five myr, one for each colour. This is the blue Silver Myr, sitting patiently in the rain, watching. Watching, and recording, and reporting.

3. Goblin Grenade



In magic, Goblin Grenade is a card that allows you to sacrifice a goblin creature you control to deal damage to another creature or player. Kev Walker has produced this humorous piece to capture both the mechanics of the card, and perhaps the feelings of the unwitting goblin used to power the effect!

4. Watchwolf



Watchwolf is a card from the original Ravnica set. This is an urban wolf (since everything in Ravnica is urban) and it guard the crossings and pathways that lead into the territory of its patron Selesnya guild. This art captures a watchwolf on night patrol, prowling the quiet streets with alert menace.

5. Llanowar Elves



This card is another notable card for magic players as it appeared in the first Magic set, and in many basic sets after that. It is a useful rather than powerful creature, a small elf that can produce additional mana and allow you to cast bigger spells earlier in the game. Its secondary use is to attack your opponent where he or she has no early creatures to defend with, and this function is captured in the art.

Choosing five arts from over 350 was not an easy task! Click on the link in the second paragraph of this article to see all the rest.

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