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Legion Archangel

While observing a War Machine/Hordes event I spied this well-painted dragon (it’s actually a Legion of Everblight model called an Archangel) and I had to take a couple of pics.

dragon02 dragon01

I forgot to ask the painter (Jay Nielsen) how he did the ice base. Luckily there is a tutorial to view on his site! It doesn’t come out too well in the photo but the large block the dragon is standing on is actually semi-translucent. The model itself was painted first with an airbrush before having details picked out with a paint brush later. This model caught my attention from across the gaming hall and I hope you find it similarly impressive.

The Archangel was off to one side of the table as it had been killed in the game, but Jay still managed to kill his opponent’s warcaster for the win!


One comment on “Legion Archangel

  1. daggerandbrush
    February 24, 2014

    Always good to see some centrepiece miniatures of other people. It really looks awesome

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