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Bones Review by Victoria Lamb

As I slowly wade through my own collection of Bones models, it was interesting to read this review of the range by Victoria Lamb. Like a lot of talented miniatures painters she was initially skeptical of the material (how can models that bend hold paint?). Unlike many, she actually picked up a Bones model and painted it. Here’s the result:


A very nice result as I’m sure you’ll agree. Victoria also had some kind words for Reaper Master Paints series, though I suspect a review specific to that range will be coming soon. Victoria found herself pleasantly surprised by the ability of Bones models of taking and holding paint. The models also showed themselves to be surprisingly durable. In terms of competition painting she would still prefer the metal version. For ease of transport and durability the Bones version wins as a gaming model.

One comment on “Bones Review by Victoria Lamb

  1. daggerandbrush
    February 9, 2014

    Thank you for the link and the picture. My thoughts exactly. When I look at teh orc I would not be able to say if it is Bones or Metal. It might depend on the actual miniature, but most of them are very nice and perfect for gaming…and most importantly the price/performance ratio works out, especially when one got the Kickstarter price.


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