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Reviews of Warhammer: Visions and White Dwarf

From Quirkworthy comes a couple of useful reviews, one of the new Warhammer: Visions magazine and another of the new White Dwarf.

Warhammer: Visions

In his review of Warhammer: Visions Jake Thornton attempts to answer the question of who this magazine of for and comes up blank. As someone with publishing experience, Jake is able to point out some rather specific errors in Warhammer: Visions’ execution. Right now this magazine looks like an answer in search of a question.


White Dwarf

Things are looking up a little for the new White Dwarf. I say new as while the logo is unchanged from the previous monthly magazine, Games Workshop have started the numbering at Issue 1. The magazine gives coverage of this week’s new releases, and comes with articles around those models. All in all a magazine with limited function but it is often better to do one thing well than to do many things poorly. Check out the Quirkworthy review.


For me, neither magazine hits the spot. If I wind the clock back a decade or so, White Dwarf is actually quite appealing and I could see the old me picking up any issue of interest. Okay the young me. The few issues of White Dwarf I have seen fit to keep contain painting or modelling articles I found useful. The new mag still has those.

As for Warhammer: Visions, I think the concept is fine as I enjoy looking at pictures of well-painted models. However the format and paper quality aren’t up to the task, so a swing and a miss there.


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