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Bones update 6

Another mix of Bones models complete, again chosen by the family. My youngest took a liking to the altar this time, so I chose the candelabra to go with them. A trio of adventurers rounds out the choices.




One comment on “Bones update 6

  1. daggerandbrush
    January 27, 2014

    Very nice.

    I like how the stone turned out and the bronze skulls are a nice touch. The candelabras came out nicely and the flames are very convincing.

    The white colour scheme for the wizard really works with the sculpt and the scroll detail is a nice touch. Maybe the hat band would pop more if you paint it blue as well?

    The dwarven rogue’s cloak really stands out with the light purple, but I would like to se the front of the miniature as well, to see what you did with the other details.

    The lady in the background seems to have some nice green shades on her dress, but it is hard to see. The top of her staff looks very good, as it almost looks like a coral piece. The crystal is nicely highlighted as well and looks convincing.

    Overall a good paintjob and I am looking forward to see more of your Bones collection in future posts.

    As a suggestion: If you have the time it would be awesome if you could also provide pictures of each miniature on its own.


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