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MtG Artists: Dan Scott

Dan Scott has produced some truly awesome pieces for Magic: the Gathering over the years. I was  fortunate in preparing this article in that the artist has his own website with larger images stored. So instead of testing my luck with a google image search, I had everything laid out before me. Success!

1. Intet, the Dreamer


Intet is my favourite of Dan Scott’s prices, and also my favourite dragon on any Magic: the Gathering card. Dragons tend to be iconic creatures, you usually get 1-2 in each set, and they always have some impact, whether art-wise, game-wise or both. For me though nothing tops Intet in the art department.

2. Sickle Ripper


On Magic’s world of Lorwyn, the elementals are humanoids with flames coming out at various places. However Lorwyn is periodically turned into the dark world known as Shadowmoor. The elementals of Shadowmoor are dark, tortured beings and Dan’s art for the common card Sickle Ripper has captured this perfectly.

3. Solemn Simulacrum


Iconic cards in Magic are often reprinted, sometimes with their original art, and sometimes with a new art. The latter was the case with Solemn Simulacrum. This version of the art was nicknamed “sad robot” by many players. Magic has a robust secondary market and often when a card is reprinted, the original is more in demand than the new version, and is priced higher. This was not the case with Solemn Simulacrum, and I believe Dan Scott’s art was the major reason for this.

4. Druid’s Deliverance


This art shows one of the druids of the Selesnya guild undertaken a shaping ritual. Beautiful. I also smile at the artist’s signature on the plinth!

5. Ponder


Ponder is a card that allows the player to make choices about their cards. The artwork here reflect the kind of choices a player might make; whether to draw the card, leave it where it is, or put it on the bottom of his or her deck.

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3 comments on “MtG Artists: Dan Scott

  1. daggerandbrush
    January 12, 2014

    A very nice article on a gifted artist. The dragon art is in most cases excellent. I also enjoy Slumbering Dragon by Chris Rahn. What bugs me most is, however, if you have beautiful artwork, but the card is really not that good at all or bread and butter. Seems like a waste of a good artist on a card that will not see much play/ exposure. With Intet one does gladly not have this issue, after all he seems to be a popular choice in Commander decks. I really enjoy your intros to artists. There are too many cards to keep track and this way I can see full art versions of cards I might have overlooked otherwise.


    • davekay
      January 14, 2014

      Chris Rahn is another artist I will look at, for sure. His work has been consistently stunning IMO.


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