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Fantasy Heroes update 5

Two more fantasy heroes have been painted. The motivation this time is that they are good analogues for heroes in my game currently in development. In reality these are a pair of old Games Workshop models from decades past. The Woodsman was released along with the Talisman: The Adventure expansion back in 1986 or thereabouts. The elf dates from the early 2000s (I think) and was released for the Mordheim skirmish games set in the Warhammer world. Comparing the two figures side by side, the detail on the elf seems finer and crisper than on the woodsman.


The elf was an impulse buy as I liked the figure. The Woodsman was an engagement gift. If you want an idea of how long it has been waiting to be painted, I recently celebrated my 15th anniversary.

3 comments on “Fantasy Heroes update 5

  1. daggerandbrush
    January 11, 2014

    Very cool to see Aenur, the Sword of Twilight again. I sold him years ago…and I regret it. It is a pretty cool miniature. As far as I remember he was a freebie in a White Dwarf when Mordheim was freshly released.

    Your paintjob suits the miniature well. I think the face came out nicely. Your basing works well with both minis and I like the highlights on the wood handle of the axe.


    • davekay
      January 11, 2014

      Thanks for the kind words on the painting, and also for reminding me of the elf’s original name! Could not remember it for the life of me. That’s a fine miniature to have got free with a White Dwarf.


  2. daggerandbrush
    January 11, 2014

    I know, in those time the White Dwarf was still pretty good. I should not have sold it, but who could know he would fit nicely in my Dungeon project 10 years later :P.


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