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MtG Artists: Donato Giancola

Like many artists who work on the game, Donato Giancola is well-known outside the card game of Magic: the Gathering. Artists aren’t employees of Wizards of the Coast, they are more like hired guns, brought in to illustrate specific cards.

Giancola’s Cartographer piece is one I found not just eye-catching, but eye-arresting. I would stop and gaze at this fantastic artwork. I’ve always been a sucker for maps. Over he years since he has illustrated many cards. Giancola is not an especially prolific MtG artist, but his cards are always noteworthy.

Donato Giancola: Five of the best cards:

1. Cartographer


I don’t have an awful lot to say about this; I’m too busy gazing at it.

2. Bant Battlemage

bantbatlemageThis wizard aids the knights of Bant in battle, granting them one to two boons. This card appeared in the Shards of Alara set in 2009.

3. Sword of Kaldra


The plane of Mirrodin was home to three epic weapons, all illustrated by Giancola. This is the Sword of Kaldra, the other two being the shield and helm. When united these weapons create an artifact creature named Kaldra armed with all three. The sword remains my favourite, in part due to the fiery background.

4. Szadek, Lord of Secrets


Szadek was the shadowy leader of the shadowy Dimir guild in the original Ravnica block. The Dimir were a guild so secret everybody thought they were a myth.

5. Celestine Reef


The Planechase game variants provides players with oversize, landscape-oriented cards to use during the game. For this artists this provides a chance to do something different, with more card space to work with and at a different orientation. Here we see towers carved from the rock at the top of unclimbable rock spires.

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