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Seleucid Campaign part 4

Part 4: Shuffling vaguely eastwards

I was fairly sure Asia Minor was secure this time, with a garrison army stationed in Ankara to make sure. Okay the Cimmerians sailed south long enough to inform me we were now at war (hey, nice to meet you too!) but that seemed a little random and nothing to worry about.

Rhodes had taken Cyprus out of the game to rule the seas south of Asia Minor, but we get on well so again, nothing to worry about. Right? Right.

My attention turned east once more. With Ma’in and Nabatea secured my southern army had spent a lot of time keeping a lid on public order, never managing to do more than march towards the armies of Drangiana, which hung on my eastern fringe without venturing close enough for a fight.

Ma’in surprised me in a good way by marching a full banner east past Hegra to take on Media Atropatene. Ma’in put their armies to flight before becoming bogged down by agent actions, but with the mountain pass secure I could turn my attention to Persia and Drangiana.

At this point Armenia declared war on me.

They live up there in the mountains, how many men can they have? I thought. I diverted the army meant for smacking my former satrapies to see. Three Armenian banners came out of the forest each with over 2,000 men. On epic defensive action later and Armenia had three depleted banners and I had half an army remaining. This battle was a phase change for me, as it made the point that the kinds of troops I had been recruiting at the start of the game were no longer good enough to win battles for me. I had to pay attention to my barracks situation and recruit better (and more expensive) troops in the future.

I force marched the garrison force from Asia Minor to aid my own depleted army. They promptly ran into a fourth Armenian banner of 2,000 plus men. Okay, so quite a lot of men. Again, I depleted the enemy banner at the cost of half my forces. Garrison duty does not make for heroic soldiers.


To keep things interesting Nabatea dragged me into a war in the south, causing the creation of yet another satrapy (Blemmyes). Actually, I’m enjoying the option to create a satrapy from a defeated foe as it frees my armies from the burden or maintaining public order while keeping a border secure, especially where I have no intention of pushing through.

The east finally started to heat up, with me taking Susa and Gor and marching on Persepolis. The Persian forces rallied and threw me back, I held Susa while Drangiana took Gor and marched on Charax, where it was their turn to be thrown back.

It was a start.


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