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12 Elements Cancelled

12eowtI spoke too soon. Despite being funded to almost twice its original asking amount, the 12 Elements of War Kickstarter has been cancelled by the project creator. From the explanation:

“The Kickstarter campaign and the interest it has developed, has made clear to us that those who want the game would like it to be more realized than we currently have it, and we are receiving contact from retailers who would like levels of stock which we just cannot provide at this time.”

This is probably a better decision than forging ahead and keeping backers waiting for months for stock orders they cannot produce. Hopefully by the middle of next year these things will be sorted out, and the interest will still be there. It has been an issue with Kickstarter projects in the past, where if you end up as a backer of a wildly successful Kickstarter you can end up waiting a very long time for your items as they project creator has a huge amount of orders to get through. Some projects are now using the ‘wave’ model to ameliorate this, where the first people to back will also be the first people to have their product shipped.

So not the best news, but hopefully Sword & Board will use the next few months to make sure their second attempt in a keeper.



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