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Seleucid Campaign part 2

Seleucus Reborn part 2: Don’t assassinate me, bro!

I should not have bothered to name my generals in part 1. A couple of turns later they were both dead, fallen to assassins’ blades. Antiochos was the more tragic. After being relieved in Asia Minor by a small garrison force, he sailed and marched back to the Selecuid heartland, crossing the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to help Media face off against our many enemies in the east. Media had succeeded in taking a city away from Persia, but I’m not sure that was wise, banner after banner came boiling out oft he east. This is a hornet’s nest that should not have been poked!


As his army camped for the night outside Susa, Antiochos was murdered by an unknown, but probably Persian, assassin. This left the army leaderless as it was called on to support Media against the Persian counter attack. Leaderless and outnumbered three to one, the outcome of that battle was somewhat inevitable. Of the men who had been victorious in Asia Minor, perhaps one in three survived to pull back in good order. With a new general appointed, the remainder of the first army moved into friendly territory and began filling the holes in their ranks. This is another feature of Rome II, if an army is in friendly territory, you can halt to recruit new men into your existing units, without having to go back to a city and formally recruit, it’s a great feature.

In the south Patrocles fared no better, falling on the same night to as assassin of the Ma’in. This same faction allied with Nabatea to keep up the pressure in the south. In fact the second army still had their measure, but the need to constantly fight two or three battles in a turn was wearing them down.

Money was briefly not an issue, but its shortage was making itself known again as a fourth army was raised in Antioch. For some reason Pontus decided to declare war on me, and was now threatening  Antioch and Edessa. A new army is being raised, but slowly, lest the coffers drain to fast. Also, Antioch burned to the ground. Yeah, that was nice. My capital city reduced to ashes and ruins. This also slowed down the generation of cash, since it’s difficult to tax people based on the amount of rubble they own.

One feature of the Seleucids is the amount of choice they have for their general’s units. Other factions I have played give you two or three choices. The Seleucids are more generous.


Yes, that is a unit of elephants as a choice. The arrows also indicate still more available choices. You can have your general lead a unit of chariots, if you like that kind of thing.

Join me for part three, where almost every faction becomes involved in what was a local conflict between an empire and its former satrapies. I would have used the campaign planner again as in part 1, however for the last couple of days the page has come up blank for me, sigh.


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