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Saying Goodbye to Penny Arcade Report and Checkpoint

parlogoAn innocuous-seeming post of Penny-Arcade recently announced big changes. The post was so innocuous I missed it, as I think did many others. There was a follow-up post on the Penny Arcade Report but that assumed the reader had read the original post on Penny Arcade. Many of the comments below that post amount to “what’s happening?”

Here’s what is happening: at the end of this year, Penny Arcade TV and the Penny Arcade Report are being shuttered. Change of direction, need to focus, etc. I am reminded of the aphorism that it is better to do less well than more poorly. I think that is the reason for these changes. Mike and Jerry want to focus on their core – comics, PAX, and Child’s Play.While it’s sad to see the end of the Penny Arcade Report, it’s an understandable change.

PAR was almost my sole industry reading source. I guess I will go back to where I was two years ago, reading games coverage on Ars Technica and the occasional article on The Escapist. I will especially miss PAR’s The Cut, which pulled out those very few articles worth reading fro the mass, and presented then in an easy to access way.

As for Checkpoint, the guys at LoadingReadyRun have already announced that won’t be continuing without it’s home on PATV. I still get to watch their Friday Nights videos though, so that’s fine. Right?


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