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Bones Update 4

These five miniatures took a lot longer than I had anticipated. This was mainly due to a lack of painting rather than the models themselves being especially difficult. As with the other Bones models so far, these have been straightforward fantasy miniatures with few surprises. Er, I mean that in a good way.

The gorgon had a good number of bracelets and bangles that needed painting. I decided on silver for the jewellery and bronze for the weapons, which I think has worked fine. The eyeball monster was another one where I tried something new, actually painting some detail on the main eye, with smaller versions of that detail on the other eyes. This models also came with a large join line where two parts were obviously merged during production. This left large gaps which I filled using Games Workshop’s liquid green stuff product. That worked fine and made painting the model easier and the finish more satisfying.

Less satisfying was the fire elemental, which in a fit of creativity I decided to paint up as an ice elemental. I tried a couple of different things but never got the look I was aiming for. You live and learn.




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