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Twenty Years is Not so Far


I’ve spent some time playing the recent re-release of Wasteland, which I picked up over GoG. It has been a surprisingly pleasant experience. Sometimes, you can go back but when you do you realise you shouldn’t have. Older games can lack the UI features we take for granted or have other niggling issues that make it all too hard. Not so Wasteland. It plays now as well as it ever did. The difficulty posed by permadeath is still there, and I’ve already had a few episodes of dragging dying comrades across the desert o help. At one point I was forcibly reminded of the ability to pick up radiation sickness when a glance at my roster showed 4 of 6 characters were dying!

The paragraphs that I mentioned before are still in the game, they mostly have voice overs now but occasionally you will see something that says ‘read paragraph 26, or what have out. The people at GoG are thorough and have provided a scanned copy of the paragraphs and the Wasteland Survival Guide (game maps and puzzle solutions) as part of the download. I know I had these things to hand in physical though.

The paragraphs I found in the Commodore 64 cardboard just where they have always been The cardboard was in a plastic box with a load of other Commodore 64 games on disk or cassette(!). I took a moment to see what I had saved. Space Doubt, Everyone’s a Wally, Monty on the Run. Classics all. The Wasteland Survival Guide was sitting in the top drawer of my computer desk! Twenty plus years and it’s still in arm’s reach. I don’t know whether to laugh or… post about it online. Clearly the latter. Or both.

So here they are sitting next to me (actually sitting in my chair in the photo above, but hey), ready for play. It’s like I’m 15 again!


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