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MtG Artists: Scott M Fischer

Scott M. Fischer’s art was some of the first that drew my eye when I began playing Magic: the Gathering. It was the art that got me into the game, as seeing great new pieces by artists I was familiar with such as Kev Walker or Wayne England, made me eager to see more. Fisher’s work I had never seen before and was soon eager to see more. Many of his pieces have a portrait-like quality, which helps make for striking work when reduced down to size for a magic card.

After a long absence, Fischer’s art made a welcome return to the game in 2012/13’s Return to Ravnica block.

Five of the best card arts by Scott M. Fischer

1. Chainflinger


A monstrous, lizard-like creature swings chains from its muscled arms, knocking rock from temple pillars. In the game this creature could do damage to other creatures without having to attack, and this is represented by those nasty swinging chains.

2. Isperia, Supreme Judge


One of Ravnica’s ten guilds is rules by a wise sphinx named Isperia. Ravnica is a vast city and this price shows Isperia towering over buildings in this fantastical city.

3. Imperious Perfect


The elves of Lorwyn are ruled by the ‘perfects’ creatures of such sublime appearance that all other elves bow before them – and they expect other races to do the same too! Beauty and arrogance combine in this elf.

4. Nivix Guildmage


Fischer has illustrated quite a few wizards for Magic: the Gathering. One of his common motifs is that of these circles to represent the reality altering magical power wielded by the character in question. This mage belongs to a guild representing the colours red and blue, and those colours rill this artwork.

5. Serra Avenger


Another use of circles is as a framing technique and we see that on this warrior angel of the Magic world. This is often cited by players as a favourite in terms of artwork, and it’s easy to see why.

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