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The Return of Bones!!

The second Bones Kickstarter went live this week. It’s been organised slightly differently to the first, in response to the lessons learned there. The main things is that the old Vampire level pledged has been renamed the Core Set. It’s still priced at $100 and follows the same pattern as before; the more pledges at this level, the more miniatures everyone who pledged at this level receives.

There are no more levels below the Core set, except the $1 pledge that allows you to buy the add-ons. As before there are collections outside the Core set that you can pay extra to include on your order, or ignore the Cre and just go for the add-ons.

One new feature is the Core Set expansion, set at $50. This works like the Core set (the more pledges, the more everyone gets) but exists independent of the Core set. If you want both, you’ll be paying $150. From the looks of things there will be two or possibly three Core Set expansions this time around.

All of this for $100

core set, Bones II

For international buyers (those outside the US), postage may be an issue. As I write this the postage calculator for international pledges is not live yet. As an Australian, I will wait to know how much postage I am up for before deciding whether to go in this time. I don’t regret my first purchase. The delivery date of late 2014 (probably early 2015) gives me time to paint that first pledge! Funny though, to buy something now and realise I won’t receive it until after I’ve watched the final of the three Hobbit films…


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